Recently WhatsApp released its new app dedicated for business owners in India, called WhatsApp Business app. This is being seen as a game changer in developing the client-company relationship, & how they communicate each other. This is also considered as a serious threat for other messaging & email platforms. This is due to the fact that open rate of WhatsApp messages is more than 90% & WhatsApp currently free for use. And as per the survey, WhatsApp is the top used messaging platform in India.


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Presently WhatsApp is also testing the payment option within the app by providing the feature to limited users in India. Once payment option is rolled out for all users, then businesses can use this option to receive the payment from customers directly from WhatsApp, easing the way of getting payments.

Whatsapp Payment Option in India

Below we are listing the features of WhatsApp business app that makes it different from normal WhatsApp:

1. Business Settings

When you go into the settings option of WhatsApp business, you can also find a separate settings tab for businesses. With this you can explore plenty of sub options as shown in the below screenshot:

Whatsapp Business Settings

Let us explore the options further

2. Business Profile

Inside business profile, you are allowed to set a profile pic that can be your business logo, choose a business category from available 16 options, set your business location on map with address. There is also an option to describe your business in short along with space to add contact number, website & working hours.

WhatsApp Business Profile

When you send out a message to your client who has not saved your business number, WhatsApp uses this profile to show your client, so that they can save the number without reporting it as a spam message.

3. Message Statistics

This features gives you a brief on stats of messages that you have sent, delivered, read & messages that you have received.

Whatsapp Business Message Statistics

4. Away Messages

This feature actually adds more value to the business app. The feature gives you an option of sending message to a person who texts you when you are not online. You can set a message that needs to be sent when you are not online. There is also an option for you to schedule the away message: like sending it only in business hours or any other custom hours. However, your phone needs to have an active internet connection for the app to send away message.

WhatsApp Away Messages

5. Greeting Message

This options lets you send a custom automatic message to clients who are texting you for the first time or re-texting your business after a period of 14 days.

Whatsapp business greeting message

6. Quick Replies

This is another great feature of WhatsApp business. This lets you create a set of standard messages that you can use to send your customers with a short code. If you have some messages that are used routinely then this is a great option for you.

Whatsapp business quick replies

Presently there is no process to have a verified business account that gives a blue tick adjacent to your business name. But we are hoping that WhatsApp will roll out this option soon.  Summing up, WhatsApp Business is a great messaging app that any businesses can make use of to grow the relation with their clients. And once the payment option comes inside the app, then we can also expect WhatsApp to have some annual charges from business app users. Now is the right time to utilize this app to a maximum extent.

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