Most businesses suffers as they don’t know how to get sales from Facebook & grow their business fast. Facebook has got millions of daily active users to whom you can sell your product. But how do you do that? Just posting in a Facebook page & groups? Is that all that makes users to buy your product / service?

No it’s not, definitely. You need to properly target to your customers who are willing to make a purchase & the goal of businesses in Facebook marketing strategy should be to get the customer details (LEAD/ENQUIRY) that maters to them.  To get the queries, you need to have a “WORKING FUNNEL” in Facebook & should use the best option that is available in Facebook ads. Facebook offers customized options for you to get you enquiries, event registrations, increasing page likes, and to claim your LIMITED PERIOD sales offer etc. Many a time the admins of Facebook page use the “BOOST” option available under the page posts, without knowing the more specific ad objectives available to choose from in the Facebook ads. Reports suggest that many business owners / self-employed people waste more time & money on Facebook ads by not knowing the right strategy of how to promote their business.

Facebook Post Boost Option

For many posts in Facebook, we can notice the BOOST POST option, through which the post can be shown to target audience with paid ads.

Available Campaign Objectives in Facebook

As shown in the above pic, the objectives of a Facebook is divided into three categories, based on objective of the promotion. Awareness, consideration & conversion. One need to choose Lead Generation to get queries for a business.

Here is a case study of one of our customer. They wanted to get more enquiries to take their subscription offer. By understanding the client’s customer avatar & behavior of their customers in Facebook, we were able to build a FACEBOOK FUNNEL by targeting their Facebook post to users who have shown interest in similar kind of products. As a result our client got 20 leads by spending INR 11.67 per lead in first attempt & 36 leads at just INR 2.97 per lead during second time. So by just spending INR 340 they got 56 QUALITY LEADS for their business who are potential buyers. The lead prices vary depending on the target audience, offer that businesses are giving & impact that the ad create on user.

Best Facebook Ad Creative Results

Isn’t it good to see quality leads coming through without WASTING MANY HOURS in just posting an update to the Facebook page, groups & waiting for someone to contact to do business? The success of Facebook marketing largely depends on how we make use of the available options and choosing the right Facebook users that matters to our business.