When we suggest Facebook advertisement to our clients, many of them feel that it might not be a right platform for them. Among many reasons, high cost per lead is one of the factor that restricts them to go for it. However, what we found out is, by creating a perfect ad creative with same target audience & demography, the cost per lead can be brought down drastically. Facebook ad is not just boosting a post on a page or just getting the lead forms filled by the target user. A proper understanding of the audience behavior & goal of the ad can help in running a successful Facebook ad campaign. Some time we might also need to run a test campaign to understand the user behavior.

This is what we did in one of our campaign. The goal of the ad was to get the WhatsApp subscribers who like to get Kannada movie updates delivered to them directly on WhatsApp. Below is the screenshot of the ad creative that was used in this ad.

Best Facebook Ad Creative

With this ad creative, we managed to generate around 20 quality leads at an average of INR 11.67 per lead.

In digital ads, it’s hard to say that a particular ad is performing well until we compare it to some other ad creative for same audience & ad goal. To do so, Facebook provides us an option of split test while launching the campaign, through which we can use multiple ad creatives for the same ad campaign and see which ad creative is getting good results. However, we need to decide on it based on the daily budget that we have. In our campaign we changed the ad creative after two days as shown in below screenshot.

Perfect Facebook Ad Creative Example

In the new ad creative we just replaced the image & rearranged the content with some improvements to it. Even though the target Facebook users were same, we observed a drastic improvements in cost per lead and ad engagement.

Best Facebook Ad Creative Results

By just changing the ad creative image & some text, the average cost per lead that we got is INR 2.97, which is almost four times lesser than that of previous cost. And the ad expense wise, we were able to reduce INR 174 for just 20 leads. When the campaign goal is to get thousands of subscribers, the amount that we save is really huge for any client. So it is always suggested to test the target audience with different ad creatives before launching the campaign in full fledged.